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Do you want to legally save more taxes, enjoy managed finances for your business, and at the same time get law and tax rule advice? Well, Halo Tax + Accounting in Waverly is your answer.

About Us

We’re a small team of accountants, tax professionals, and financial experts who love helping taxpayers and businesses just like you. At Halo Tax + Accounting, we understand that taxes can be confusing, but we also know that you must do your part.

That’s why we’re here to make sure you know exactly how to get back on track with your taxes to focus on what matters to you. Whether it’s getting caught up on past returns or getting ready for next year’s taxes, we’ll help you out.

Tax Accounting Services in Waverley +

Tax Compliance and Audit

Our team is here to help you prepare, manage and execute tax filings with time-to-time changing laws and regulations. For you, we create customized audit strategies based on industry practices and blend our expertise to match your requirements. This allows us to provide you with innovative ways of entering new markets and boosting efficiency and returns.

World-Class Accounting

Our accounting expert helps businesses succeed in an ever-changing business environment. Halo Tax + Accounting provides value-added accounting, outsourcing services, assurance, finance, and valuation services.

Tax Consultancy

Halo Tax + Accounting has a strong understanding of income tax laws and can assist you in reducing your legal liability. Our mission is to ensure all clients comply with tax rules and regulations. With our proven processes, they help you save your taxes and improve your financial portfolio. In addition to minimizing taxable income, our professionals take advantage of any applicable adjustments, deductions, and tax credits needed to reduce tax liability.

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We can save you taxes legally

Our company helps you identify the tax deductions that you can claim for the year easily. We can also help you avoid future tax liabilities by making strategic investments in the present.

By implementing our tax-saving strategies, you can optimize your financial portfolio and save money on taxes in the most effective way.

We Help You Save Time

If you end up making impulsive investments, you need us. We make sure your income tax return is filed correctly and require time and effort. Our team will review and make necessary changes before filling out the form.

We proactively develop strategic solutions focused on your company’s performance and deliver timely personal and business solutions with automated deadline management.

We are Client-Focussed

It’s our mission to provide tailored services that focus on your needs. Whether you are a small business or a large firm, we will help you find the right way. We have a record of achieving tight deadlines while providing high-quality tax services.

Experts at Halo Tax + Accounting address growth scenarios for you, ensure cost improvements, and help you maximize profitability

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Avoid tax disasters during tax season. Let Halo Tax + Accounting experts handle it for you!

I have relied on Halo Tax + Accounting  to look after my personal and professional accounts for a while. They have always been available to answer my questions about taxes and accounting, which gives me peace of mind.

– Antoine Deroide 

I have been a Halo Tax + Accounting Consultancy client for two years. I have found them friendly, competent, professional, and excellent value for money. They are knowledgeable of all legal requirements and provide exceptional service to me.

– John Metlo

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