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Trustworthy. Experienced. Progressive.

We’re a small team with big skills in accounting, tax and business advisory.
We value problem solving, strategic thinking, empowerment and teamwork.

It’s our mission to bring you everything you need from an accountant, and more.


More than you expect from your accountant.

We get a thrill every time we spot a way to improve your wealth, make your financial life easier, protect assets or make your money work harder for you.

For us, working on your core tax and accounting needs is just the beginning.

We’re serious about playing a proactive role in your financial life, and supporting you with solid advice and strategy, through every stage of life and business.

If you want more from your accountant, we’re the team for you.

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Greg Bartels


A better way to talk about money +

Are you a little put off by the idea of working with an accountant?

Have you dealt with an accountant who doesn’t speak your language, or had to deal with their complicated reporting that’s just impossible to understand?

Luckily, that’s not how we do things here.

Every Halo Tax + Accounting client receives professional and value-packed accounting services in plain English, with no jargon.

Though, if you ever want to know what any jargon means, just ask!

We take the time to explain it, as a human being, not a calculator.

Each and every day, we meet people with different understanding of money, and businesses needing advice on their next step.

We’re good communicators who listen to understand, and speak to be understood.

By the end of every meeting, we get them, and they get us.

It’s just how accounting talk should be.

What our clients say.

“He went well above my expectations and spent much time helping me seek the best way forward for my business and personal financial growth. “

I was introduced to Greg at Halo Tax by a friend, after asking for a good accountant to help with my new business tax return. I needed an accountant to explain the ins and outs of what I needed to prepare, in layman’s terms.
Greg did all that and more.

He went well above my expectations and spent much time helping me seek the best way forward for my business and personal financial growth.
I highly recommend Greg at Halo Tax for your accounting needs and advice, whether simple or complex.
You will leave his office with a smile! Thank you Greg.

– Bianca Batalha

“Greg answered my (many!) questions”

Greg offers a brilliant and professional service. He really took the time to explain to me how my tax return works and answered all of my (many!) questions. I’ll keep coming back year after year.

– Jennifer Gaskin

“Fantastic. Pain-free.”

Greg was fantastic in handling my tax returns and made the whole process pain-free.

I’d highly recommend to anyone.

– Danny Butler

“Always been helpful and friendly, with great advice.”

I’ve been using Greg B as my accountant since I opened my business in 2015. Always been helpful and friendly, with great advice. If you are looking for a great accountant or your tax return don’t look anywhere else, Halo Tax + Accounting is the place to go!

– Mathieu G

“Halo Tax + Accounting is a down to earth and human business.”

The tax time process is so easy. Halo Tax is a down to earth and human business. Not like your average robotic accounting firms filling in numbers. Very concincious and thorough.

Tax is always an enjoyable time of year with Halo.

– Anthony Houghton

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Greg Bartels portrait standing

Greg Bartels

“I created Halo Tax + Accounting as a way to use my passion for accounting to help as many people and businesses as I can.

What distinguishes me from your typical accountant is my breadth of experience in both large and small businesses. From owning finance companies, retail stores, hairdressing salons and a laundromat to having held senior management positions in large companies both here and overseas, I’ve lived the experience of many of my clients. I get ‘it’, in a real world sense.

I look out for my clients and thrive on finding out the methods and strategies that help them live life peacefully, happy and positive about their future.

I’m building Halo to have a great work culture, with an agile and clever team – a place where I and all staff can work in our zone of genius, so you can reap the rewards. Then we’re all happy.

Managing your accounting needs and the smooth running of your business needn’t be difficult, tedious, overwhelming or scary.

Leave it all with Halo Tax + Accounting, go do what you do best, and know we’re here if you need us.”

Greg Bartels


We’re here to answer your questions via phone or email, too.

Good people to work with +

Halo Tax + Accounting is proud to partner with outstanding businesses to provide a wealth of services to our clients.

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