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You won’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how much money is coming in and going out, or what expenses are necessary for your business.

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Financial Statements

We compile the records that outline the activities and financial performance of your business. Financial statements are the core information source for tax audits, as well as financing, investment and debt decisions.

Financial statements include:

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Cash flow statement


Does your money go where you want it to go? Let’s find out with one of the most powerful and useful tools in our arsenal – a budget.

We help you create the correct type of budget for your business goal – from Short-term or Fixed budgets, to Performance, Operational and Master budgets.

We listen to your needs and prepare a budget to help keep your finances organised, be better prepared for tax time, and be ready to pounce on the next big opportunity!

Financial Analysis

The information in the rows of your accounting software has a huge, real-world influence on your business operations. We are experts in extracting that information and turning it into easy-to-understand analysis, which you can use to drive your business forward.
Financial analysis answers big questions such as:

  • How financially viable is this new product or service I want to add to my offering?
  • How financially stable am I?
  • Am I profitable? Can I be more profitable? How?
  • How quickly can I grow without growing too fast?
  • What is my liquidity status?
  • Where is my business vulnerable?
  • Where is my business durable?
  • How can I future-proof my business?

By analysing your business through many lenses, you can be more assured that your next actions will only add to your success.

Cashflow projections

Cashflow projections take the information we have today, and forecast into the future.

This accounting task involves analysis of anticipated payments and receivables, to help predict a businesses future financial position. Who doesn’t like a vision of the future?

Management reporting

Whereas Financial Statements are the mandatory reporting required by external organisations such as banks and government institutions, Management Reporting is a deep dive into the business, providing CEO’s and business owners with intelligent tools to analyse the internal drivers of your business.

Management reports consist of one or all of the following:

  • Profit and Loss statements in any segment of your business: Department, team member, product or project
  • Realisation Rate: how much time your workforce spends vs how much of that is paid for by your clients
  • Utilisation Rate: Your employees available time that is used for productive, billable work.

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Financial Accounting services bring structure and clarity to your business.  
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